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Proven way to make money as a photographer

Freelance photography

You can offer your services as a freelance photographer, taking on assignments for clients. Sometimes you don't even need to go out to do so. Build a portfolio of your work, market your services, and establish connections within your community to attract clients.

Stock photography

You can submit your photos to stock photography websites, where they can be licensed and used by individuals or businesses for a fee. This allows you to earn passive income as your images are downloaded by users.

Here are some stock sites to help you in your quest

  1. Shutterstock (

  2. Adobe Stock (

  3. Getty Images (

  4. iStock (

  5. Alamy (

  6. Dreamstime (

  7. 500px (

Fine art photography

Without a doubt after a time of exploring if you find yourself having a particular eye for a type of design, you can try to do fine art photography. You can exhibit your work in galleries, participate in art fairs, or sell your prints online through platforms like Etsy or your own website.

The one that are doing it via Etsy are using a POD (Print on demand) business model most of the time. They select the product, put their design on it, link the store to their Etsy dashboard and start selling without any inventory.

Here are some websites you can try print on demand.

Photography education

Even if you are not an expert of 10 years of experience, you can still do your own course of photography, teaching tricks and secrets. You can do it on your YouTube channel or selling your digital product with lessons in it on Etsy or Gumroad. Or making a whole course on Udemy.

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